Iron Worx






Since its founding Iron Worx Welding has established itself as one of the most respected and trusted fabricators in the industry. We are committed to fabricating the best possible products we are capable of producing.

Iron Worx Welding will continue to provide quality products at a good value, help meet your fabrication needs and continue to earn your business…. each and every day! We Can Fabricate,

    • Structural Steel
    • Ornamental Fabrication
    • Round and Square Duct Work
    • Machinery Guards and Components
    • Hoppers and Conveyors All to Customers Drawings
    • Plate Fabrication


Being mobile allows Iron Worx Welding to be diversified in all our customers needs.

  • On site welding, fabrication and installation
  • On site Machinery repair and installation
  • On site construction equipment repair

Plant Maintenance

With 27 years of millwright experience allows Iron Worx Welding to assist with your plant maintenance needs.

  • Power Transmission repair and installation
  • Conveyor repair and installation
  • Melt shop and caster repair
  • Rolling mill repair
  • Hydraulic, pneumatics piping & equipment repair